WeChat Weibo Social Media War in China

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November 15, 2014
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December 17, 2014

WeChat Weibo Social Media War in China

28 Nov 2014, the Chinese twitter similar social media Weibo announce the wechat promotion information, bar code and other wechat official account promotions will be banned in weibo today.

The war of Users Gravity is starting now. Two social media platforms Weibo and Wechat are in the war. That’s the news after the Taobao announced their own affiliate link will stop showing in Wechat app; Alimama promoter will never get any commission fee when using the wechat to promote products.

Somebody may confuse about the Weibo, Wechat, Taobao, Alibaba, Alimama, and what a lot names of China platform.

What’s Weibo

Weibo is China social media platform like twitter. They official launched the service in the year 7 April 2011. The founder also own company is the China portal website Sina (NASDQ: SINA). With the local culture and government media support, Weibo becomes the most popular social media in China in the same year they are lunched.

What’s Wechat


Wechat first released in the year 2011. The beginning of wechat is let users sending the free message over Wifi and 3G. The purpose was helping users saving the text message fee. The owner is the China famous company Tencent.  As the wechat is base on the China biggest Internet Messenger QQ, the free SMS marketing ideas and none advertisement user interface made it was downloaded over 1 million times within 14 days in China. That also made the wechat became the most downloaded app in the Apple app store.

Tencent wechat version 4 integrated the social media share function like facebook and Instagram, called Momements. That’s the sign of the wechat officially step into the social media market.

As the latest August 2014 data shows the wechat almost got 500 million Active users in China (438 million).

What’s Alimama


Alimama is the Advertisement platform like Google Adsense, which is run by the China biggest company Alibaba of course. If you are familiar with the Google Adsense, you will find the function is quite familiar. The difference between Alimama and Google Adsense is the most of Alimama’s advertisers are from Taobao and Alibaba.

Weibo VS Wechat


The story always star from the owner of small business to do the online marketing.

Before the Wechat 4.5, Weibo is the biggest platform for social media marketing in China. Tons of small business owners and Taobao personal sellers were sharing their products’ articles and pictures. The articles and pictures are used for attract the potential buyers. That’s knew social media marketing. The most popular case is a T-shirts designer sold 100,000 taobao pregnant t shirts in Weibo within just 30 days.

There are a lot of story for Weibo social marketers. They want get more sales, so they do their best to share their own Weibo account. That made Weibo in the high way of development.

Wechat 4.5 moment function is the mile stone of the Tencent social media strategy. The function is so attractive for ordinary. The app make user check friends’ daily sharing in mobile became a habit. That function also crated a new group people called “Low Head Race“, means they are always look down their mobile to check the information.


Low Head Race

In the year 2012, Sina started promote own advertisement in the Weibo and their own online app. That force a lot of user seldom check the Sina weibo app from their iphone but go WechatWechat is still don’t have any advertisement, especially the banner of the UI until now. The facebook founder Mark Zacburg used say “banner advertisement is sucks in the website“. Weibo was did a really bad moving for embed Ads banner on the top of the app.

2014 is the fastest development of Wechat. The big data of active users attract the sellers come to Wechat doing their own online marketing. They started writing articles, promote wechat official account in everywhere. They were even sent the promotion information in their own weibo account to attract the users from Weibo to Wechat. That’s really effective.  The experts said Weibo is different from Wechat, so users will never forget about weibo. However, experts always wrong in China.

The Cash is Follow To the Wechat

That’s just same like history of TAOBAO development. Sellers was dragging pushing and attracting the users from the competitors platform because they want do business. Weibo lost the biggest opportunity to become the China biggest social media. Now Wechat with his mother QQ  support. They became the new king of the social media in China. The most important thing is Wechat is expending their battle in the worldwide, but Sina still need think a strategy to fight with Wechat.

Now Sina kick Wechat out of their platform, but still need figure out why users like use Wechat app not the SINA Weibo app.

There is a Chance of SINA Could Conquer the Whole China Social Media Market. They used be strong. They had the most pop stars and famous persons opened the account in Weibo. They used support SINA and government also support Weibo. How poor is SINA following the losers steps like EACH (China company same as Ebay) war with Taobao. We used love SINA and Used leave message to them NEVER put the Ads in the website too early. They just didn’t care about us, ignored us, and even made more ads in the everywhere of the Weibo. Now they are poorly looking at the users follow like a flood to Wechat. They have to make high dam to stop the flood.

We are so worried SINA may lose the war between Tencent, but now we cannot do anything any more. Wechat is stronger.


The case taught us: Always Listen To the Users. That’s the secret of Taobao success. That’s why Taobao can beat Each at the beginning. Alibaba new CEO always check the forum complain information and ask the developer change it ASAP. SINA always close their ears to try to manage the users and force the users follow their own steps. Social media users like a flood. No one can control the flood. There is only two options when you see the flood: use it to generate electrical power or be berried it.


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