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December 17, 2014
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January 16, 2017

WeChat Official Account Verification

In China, 40,000 WeChat official account has been registered in every day because of the WeChat official account is the key of the personal media. A lot of celebrities are using the WeChat Official Account instead of the blog, facebook and website to do the advertising. Compared with the Facebook, blog and website, WeChat Official Account can transfer the visitors to loyal customers also knew as Followers.

Once the Official Account has thousands of the followers, the Official account owners will turn the followers to profits by broadcasting the product reviews, news and advertisement inside. This simple profits attract a lot of people to rush grab the WeChat Official Account. WeChat have to manage these accounts to require the owners to verify the WeChat Official Account.

There are two kinds of WeChat Official Account in the Asia Market except China mainland.

1. WeChat China Official Account

2. WeChat Overseas Official Account

WeChat China Official Account registration is easy by using the Chinese citizen ID and Mobile phone. The China Official Account need verification after one year use. Without the verification, the China Account will be suspended.

WeChat Overseas Official Account registration need: 1. Local country Business profile. For Example the company is locate in Singapore, the Singapore business profile is required for registration. 2. The WeChat Official Account Proposal. Applicant need write clearly in the application form or email to WeChat Marketing about the purpose of using the WeChat Official Account. Personal users without any Bizfile will not allowed to apply the official account unless the celebrities.

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