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How To Use

1Why We Need A Wechat Account
Because Wechat marketing is approved fast and efficient marketing in China. Wechat account is the key.
2Why Need Official Account
Wechat official account = email subscription services. The best thing for wechat official account is it can do Fans Economy.
3How To Register the Business Account
Call us or send us Email. We will do it for you.
4What's the Price
Please check the price of our services. More details please contact us.

Wechat Registration

1Can I Register Wechat Official Account
Business Account need China handphone number, IC number and company biz profile.
2Wechat Subscription Account Limitation
Wechat Subscription account only allow broadcast one time information in every day.

Rules and Regulations

No policy, adult and fake information allowed in the account. Once found, account will be suspended.
2Retweet Rules
Not allow to put any "retweet" words in the contents to request followers to resend the information.