Free Wechat Official Accounts

WeChat Official Account Verification
April 12, 2015
WeChat APP Account under Beta Testing
March 1, 2017

Free Wechat Official Accounts

Wechat recently launched the new verification process. Every business owner in Singapore with ACRA biz file will get fast improvement in Wechat platform.

Registration is free. However, if you prepare to get Singapore official account to be verified in China, that’s still impossible. China official account verification process is different and Not FREE as well.

Please go register your official account in Wechat OA platform. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get Singapore official account.

China official Account VS Singapore official Account

Under Tencent Policy. Singapore official account only target those wechat users outside China, and will be not searchable in Wechat China.

China official account can be search in wechat in China.

Follow accounts will be no problem.


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